Biden Spews Sexist Insults At Reporter – Quickly Regrets It

We all have to look deep inside ourselves and ask one crucial thing: Am I enabling Joe Biden?

If it’s you or I asking that, the answer is “Probably not.” But if you happen to be a member of the mainstream media, your answer will be much different.

Time and again, Joe Biden asks totally inappropriately in front of reporters, world leaders, and everyday people. We’re not just talking about the thousands of times he’s shown signs of dementia. Even when he’s lucid, he shows utter contempt for just about everyone. The elitist certainly looks down on people he thinks he’s inferior to. That seems to include most reporters… or at least, female reporters.

Not that long ago, we watched in disgust when he shouted down a woman who asked a pretty reasonable question about Vladimir Putin.

And just yesterday, Joe Biden went even further. He insulted a female reporter, in front of a world leader.

“Mr. President, Veterans Affairs is going to have a mandate for its healthcare–” NBC’s Kelly O’Donnell said before being cut off by Biden.

“You are such a pain in the neck, but I’m going to answer your question because we’ve known each other so long,” Biden responded. “It has nothing to do with Iraq.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Can anyone really claim Biden’s behavior is acceptable? This is the same media that whined and complained because Trump refused to fawn over them. But when Joe continues to show utter contempt and unprofessionalism, especially toward female reporters, the media is silent.

But perhaps the tide is turning. Because after this one of many encounters, people are starting to talk.

CNN political commentator Scott Jennings responded to the incident by writing on Twitter: “Verbally abusive and dismissive of a female journalist. Keeps happening over and over. Why?” [Source: Daily Wire]

This is not normal behavior, folks. Joe Biden clearly does not like talking to the media. That’s no secret. He especially takes offense when the media dares ask him anything challenging. It seems he thinks the media exists just to make him look good.

But it’s especially concerning to see him react to female reporters when they ask him perfectly reasonable questions.

Reporters ask presidents off-topic questions all the time. There is nothing out of the ordinary for this reporter to ask him something about the VA, even though he’s with the prime minister of Iraq. Yet Biden considers this a great offense and he insults this woman, in front of a live audience.

It’s shocking to think this man considers this behavior appropriate. He is the “president,” yet he behaviors like an irritated old man who just got out of bed.

Grandpas in nursing homes are more well-mannered than this guy. Yet the left continues to pretend he’s the right man for the job.

Hopefully, more people in the media will get fed up with Biden’s rude, dismissive behavior.

Author: James Augustine