Press Secretary Cornered, Tries To Hide This Narrative-Changing Fact

“Why won’t you simply release the amount of breakthrough cases of staffers who have been vaccinated?” a reporter asked.

“I believe, first, we are in a completely different place than six or seven months ago in terms of the virus, and, as many medical professionals have said inside and outside of federal agencies, those people who are vaccinated are guarded from serious illness,” Psaki said.

The reporter then smartly refused to accept the spin from Psaki and pushed forward.

“Well, why not give the number, are you hiding something?” the reporter said.

“No but, why do you need that information?” Psaki said.

“For fundamental transparency. In the interest of the American public and to get a better understanding of how breakthrough cases are handled here in the White House,” the reporter said.

Psaki then babbled off nonsense about completely unrelated topics as she dodged this question and shuffled around nervously.

“The CDC tracks across the nation, deaths and hospitalizations as we have seen. They also do a lot to track cohorts,” Psaki said.

She started going off and was unable to even repeat her practiced propaganda talking points without seeming anxious, suggesting that the White House does have a lot to hide.

“There is a range of means and our public health officials are tracking across the nation, across Washington, across any individuals here, about who is vaccinated, who has gotten the virus, who is hospitalized,” Psaki said.

The video can be seen here:

We have reported on the anxious actions of the Biden White House to enact Big Brother dictator controls to promote the dangerous covid vaccines:

“The Biden White House is working along with Facebook to censor details that are against the Dem-approved narratives, they have said.”

“The worst fears of Trump supporters were proven right today. The man taking over power in the Oval Office is quickly implementing an Orwellian Nightmare to remove freedom of speech from the internet.”

Author: Scott Dowdy