Liberal COVID Narrative Gets Torn Apart

A study in California has revealed that counties with higher than average vaccination rates have more COVID-19 cases, which puts a stake through the gut of the Democratic and establishment propaganda line that the unvaccinated are triggering a new wave of covid cases.

The Bay Area News Group found that the counties of San Diego, Los Angeles, Contra Costa, Alameda, and San Francisco have a greater percentage of people who are completely vaccinated than the state average as well as a greater average daily cases.

Meanwhile, the counties of Lassen, Modoc, San Benito, Glenn, and Del Norte have less than average vaccination rates and are watching their cases decline. The so-called experts are trying to make excuses for these numbers in order to influence support for the vaccines.

“If there are many people in the area, you are more likely to come into contact with one who has COVID,” UCSF disease expert Dr. Phillip Norris stated.

Norris blames the delta variant for the vaccines’ lack of ability to prevent the spread of coronavirus spreading from people who get the jab.

“If that is the case, even a little bit in someone who is vaccinated might be a lot,” he said, speaking of the news that the Delta variant could have 1,000 times the viral load within the nose than past variants.

We reported before about how the delta variant was being used as an excuse for vaccine failures as well as a new tool to spread fear to the American people:

“NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci is warning there will be “two Americas” if more people do not get jabbed with the experimental vaccines.”

“Fauci is spreading fear about the so-called Delta Variant, which has been relentlessly pushed by the so-called health “experts” to cause vaccine compliance.

“We are going to witness … almost two Americas,” he said. “You know, those areas of America with highly vaccinated and low level of infection. And some places and states where the level of vaccination is low and the amount of virus dissemination is high – that is where you will see spikes.”

Author: Blake Ambrose