You Could Be Registered As An “Enemy Of The State” Soon, See Why….

A Justice Dept. reporter for the NY Times this Tuesday called the 74 million people in America who voted for former president Trump “national security threats” who are “enemies of the state.”

In a set of tweets, DOJ journalist Katie Benner stated that the Biden White House’s contention that Trump and his followers are a national security threat forms a “natsec dilemma” because Americans do not believe the federal government should be using its power against political enemies.

“Today’s Committee shows America’s current natsec dilemma: Working to fight legitimate national security threats now involves calling a politician’s supporters enemies of the state,” Benner said in a tweet.

She went further: “As Americans, we understand that government power should not be utilized to work against any political person or a party. But what happens when a politician seems to make threats against the state? If the politician keeps doing so out of office and his whole party supports the threat?”

Benner continued on to say that this “dilemma” has been troubling the U.S. Intel. Community since the Russia hoax.

“This dilemma was not resolved by 2 impeachments and the Russian probe. With many GOP members denying the true reality of the January 6 protest, I doubt the committee will deal with it either. That means it is up to the voters, making it even more vital to have fair elections,” Benner said in a tweet.

This evil tweets came as the Dems’ partisan January 6 witch hunt—which was created to frame Trump supporters as white nationalist terrorists—was happening.

Benner’s comments caused shock and anger from Twitter members on the left and right.

“Absolutely amazing: the NY Times’ Justice Dept. reporter says the United States has a “natsec dilemma”: in particular that Trump’s backers are “enemies of the state” and all the Republicans are a threat to the federal government,” tweeted liberal reporter Greg Greenwald.

Jack Posobiec, top editor for Human Events, stated that Benner is “one step from pushing for Trump supporters to be captured and rounded up.”

Congressman Jim Banks said that Benner’s tweet was the “best summary of the Joe Biden White House’s domestic security strategy I have ever read.”

The Federalist’s Sean Davis stressed that it was not shocking to witness the Democrats’ opposition called enemies of the state in “one of the FBI’s top leak receptacles.”

Author: Steven Sinclaire