Media Rushes To Delete Harrowing Story Showing The Truth About Vaccines

“NBC News, citing anonymous officials aware of the decision, has reported after new data shows that vaccinated people might have higher amounts of the virus and could infect others during the surge of cases driven by the delta version of the coronavirus,” the USA Today said in a passage that was then later deleted from the article.

A screenshot from this article and a digital archive of the paragraph reveals the new surfacing evidence.

The story from the USA Today mentions the reference to NBC News, but also corroborates the news: “CDC states that vaccinated people can transmit the virus, and recommends indoor mask wearing.”

“CDC Director Dr. Walensky revealed that new data shows the delta covid, which accounts for over 80% of the new infections in the country, acts as ‘uniquely different’ from the previous viruses and might make vaccinated people infectious,” the article says.

“Information on this delta strain from numerous states and other nations indicates that in rare circumstances some vaccinated individuals infected with the delta strain after getting vaccinated might be contagious and continue to spread the virus to other people,” Walensky said when he announced the new guidance, which reverses a previous CDC recommendation in May. “This new data is worrisome and unfortunately justifies an update to our recommendations.”

NBC News reported about the CDC guidance change this week.

“The CDC has recommended that completely vaccinated individuals start wearing masks indoors in areas with high coronavirus transmission rates,” NBC News said. “The agency is also saying that children should wear masks when in school this fall.”

“Health officials still think fully vaccinated people represent a very tiny amount of the transmissions,” the report said. “Still, some vaccinated individuals might carry high levels of the virus than was previously known and possibly transmit it to other people.”

This comes at a time when conservatives are increasingly wondering, and demanding to know, why Biden kept America’s borders open when the Delta variant was only in India, and could have been kept from getting into the country in the first place. A question that President Biden has yet to answer.

Author: Scott Dowdy