Biden Says There’s Only 1 Group That Won’t Be Forced To Take The Vaccine

Earlier this week President Biden suggested that people who are not yet vaccinated are causing “enormous confusion.”

“We are having a pandemic because of unvaccinated people, and they are sowing a lot of confusion,” Biden said.

“And there is one thing we do know for sure, and that’s if those 100 million Americans got the vaccine, we would be in a very different place. So get the vaccine. If you have not, you’re not as smart as I believed you were.”

And now Biden has gone to extreme levels on the ‘your body, no choice’ meter, reporting tonight that he will require federal employees to prove they got vaccinated against coronavirus or wear masks and undergo frequent covid testing.

Additionally, these rules will be for millions of federal employees, including contractors and the military.

“What I am attempting to do is keep Americans safe,” Biden said this Thursday.

“If you are not yet vaccinated, you are a problem for yourself, your family and to the people with whom you work around.”

Biden also requested that his team take steps to apply these standards to all other contractors and encourage all private sector groups to adhere to this same approach.

There is just one strange thing going on… this federal worker mandate will not be applied to postal workers.

What do these postal workers understand about the science that Biden does not? We don’t understand, but dare we say it might be related to the 220,000 person union waiting to have negotiations.

The APWU (Postal Workers Union) has stated that it is against mandatory covid vaccinations, during reports that the Biden Administration is thinking about requiring vaccine passports in order to work as a federal employee.

The union, which has more than 220,000 members, released a comment this week saying that while it will push for postal workers to get the vaccine against coronavirus, the disease released by the Chinese virus, it is “not the job of the government to mandate vaccines for our employees.”

“Issues concerning vaccinations and testing for coronavirus in the workplace should be negotiated. At this time the APWU is against mandating the vaccinations in connection to U.S. postal workers,” the comment said.

Author: Blake Ambrose