Biden’s Team Goes Haywire After Republican Governor Rebels

Attorney General Merrick Garland has threatened to pursue legal action against the state of Texas after Republican Governor Greg Abbott gave an executive order preventing non-government grops from moving illegals.

Garland sent a message to Abbott asking the governor to remove executive order GA 37, and stated that the order broke federal law. It also said that the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) would pursue legal action against the state if the order stayed in place.

“I urge you to promptly rescind your Order. If you do not, I am giving notice that the U.S. intends to pursue all legal remedies to guarantee that Texas does not disrupt the functions of the federal government,” the letter stated.

“In short, your Order is against federal law and cannot be enforced,” he claimed, referring to the federal government’s larger powers to handle immigration laws. “To the extent your Order is connected to immigration enforcement, it is unconstitutional.”

Abbott replied on Thursday in a comment slamming the Biden White House for its open border agenda. “It is clear that the Biden White House misunderstands what is actually happening at the southern border. The current problem at our border is completely the creation of the Biden team and its terrible open border policies.”

“In short, the Biden White House is putting the safety of Texans in harms way on a daily basis by not following the law. I will take every step in line with the law to protect the safety and health of all Texan citizens,” he said.

Abbott signed his executive order on Wednesday blocking any non-governmental entity from giving ground transportation “to any group of migrants who were detained by Border officials for illegally crossing the border or who were previously subject to expulsion.”

The measure also orders the Texas Dept. of Public Safety (DPS) to “stop any vehicle that is suspected of transporting migrants and to escort such a vehicle back to its origin point.”

Title 42 allows for border officials to hasten the removal of certain illegals claiming to want asylum in the country based on a public health emergency. The policy was enacted during the Trump White House and reports say that Biden will keep it in place for now.

Author: Blake Ambrose