Black Americans Are Sick And Tired Of Democrat Extremism

If there’s one thing Democrats claim they are good at, it’s helping black Americans succeed.

In fact, that’s a major pillar of their party. Democrats have taken credit for the historic Civil Rights movement. They pretend that, without the left, black people would still be segregated. In this day and age, they quickly got behind the radical Black Lives Matter movement, assuming this Marxist group’s agenda is what all black Americans want.

But are Democrats really improving black lives across America? Are the goals of extremist groups, who burn down cities and jeopardize lives, in sync with everyday black folks?

The left screams yes. Anyone that defies them is a bigot and racist. But that’s not what these black leaders are saying, all across America.

Black leaders across the country are saying that there is a large gap between what regular Black American voters want and what activists want. They argue that what leaders in Washington D.C. and activist types are arguing for is not what regular people want, and would end up hurting Black Americans…

Black Americans “will see escalating prices, whether it be prices at the pump, or energy to warm or cool their homes, they will see because of a rising price, rising inflation, and a radical slowdown. And in economic growth, they will see joblessness prevail,” Blackwell said…

Black Americans “want the ability to work and to be self-sufficient. That’s what most Black folks in this country want because that’s what most Americans want,” not to be “locked into this battle of ethnicity, ethnic groups or racial groups.” [Source: Just the News]

Former mayor, secretary of state, and UN ambassador Ken Blackwell revealed that Joe Biden’s policies are hurting black Americans. Thanks to Biden, rising inflation is hitting black families. The sluggish economic growth due to Biden’s meddling will hurt black Americans in the area of joblessness.

And that’s only for starters. Blackwell rips off the wool when he says black Americans want to be “self-sufficient.” What!? We’ve been told by Democrats for decades that minorities need government assistance or they’ll die! Without food stamps, welfare, and other government handouts, black folks will never be able to compete with everyone else.

But the truth is the exact opposite. The majority of black Americans want to work hard and earn their own living, the same as white Americans.

Another key difference between activists in D.C. and real black folks is in the area of policing and crime. We’ve been told for a long time that black people hate cops and support radical policies like defunding the police. Nope! Time and again, polls reveal that the vast majority of black Americans want more cops on the street. In fact, more black people than white people support funding police departments.

So, why is there such a divide between what actual American citizens want and activists who claim to be supporting them? Because it was never about helping black people. Democrats just want to exploit them for their votes every election year. But when it comes down to listening to their needs, Democrats now black Americans want the same thing as most Americans.

And that conflicts with their radical, socialist agenda.

Author: James Anderson