As NYC Crumbles, This Major American Company Flees The State

Once upon a time, New York City was the place to be. Millions of people, from around the world, flocked to this city to “make it.” Whether you were an actor, singer, comedian, investor, businessman or more, New York was a major stepping stone to a thriving and meaningful career and life.

But after years of Democrats at the helm, both the city and the state are a laughing stock.

This isn’t just about COVID, mind you (although they botched the recovery something fierce). Every major city in the world was hammered by COVID. But while many cities (especially in the South) have recovered and are growing, New York continues to stagnate.

The leftist leadership does everything in its power to make things worse. From rising taxes, to bad schools, to out-of-control crime, New York is quickly becoming a fester garbage dump. It’s no wonder many, many people have fled. Even companies are pulling up their stakes for greener pastures.

And now, a major investment company is going to build far, far away.

As Wall Street bankers grow increasingly disdainful of New York City, Goldman Sachs is reportedly planning a massive new campus in Dallas.

Goldman Sachs — which boasts a market capitalization of nearly $130 billion and hires 40,000 people — is one of the largest businesses based in New York. The report emerges as banking executives seek transitions out of New York City, citing rising crime statistics, higher costs of living, and other quality of life issues…

At the end of last year, the investment bank considered moving its asset management business to Miami. Indeed, news of Goldman Sachs’ move comes weeks after a deluge of bankers requested moves out of New York. [Source: Daily Wire]

It’s one thing for retirees and other workers to move out of the city. But for investment bankers to be fleeing this much? You know it’s bad.

New York City is the home of Wall Street. It is the hub for the stock market in the United States. Not long ago, no banker in his right mind would consider living anywhere else. Sure, it’s expensive, but they can afford it.

What does it say about the Democrats’ horrible leadership that these people would rather live in Dallas or Miami?

It means that New York has really hit rock bottom. For there to be nothing in New York to keep them there, it shows just what a failure Gov. Cuomo and Mayor de Blasio have become.

New York, much like California, was a place people would give up everything to succeed in. It was a tourist hotspot. A center of art, culture, and cuisine.

Why have things changed? Democrats have rolled over to demonize police and reward criminals. They slash PD funding, raise taxes through the roof, push radical spending, and neglect businesses of all sizes. Democrats have drunken the socialist Kool-Aid, making it impossible for people to earn a living in NYC.

Meanwhile, Dallas supports police, keeps taxes low, and celebrates American values.

Don’t be surprised to learn that other major companies will ditch New York for better places.

Author: Timothy Graham