Kamala Harris Breaks a Record As VP, But It’s Not The Good Kind

After just over six months in her role, possible 2024 presidential contender Kamala Harris has turned into one of the least liked vice presidents since the 70’s.

The Telegraph has reported over the weekend that “two new polls both reveal that 46 percent of people approve of the VP, with 47 percent and a disapproval of 48 percent.”

Gallup reported that 42.1 percent approved of former VP Mike Pence at the same time in his term while only 41.9 percent disapproved.

“Another past vice president — Biden — had an approval over 50 percent at the six month point. Before that Cheney, and Gore, were around 60 percent during this same time frame,” the report said. “Even Dan Quayle, the highly-mocked VP of George Bush Sr., had a 43 percent approval and disapproval of just 22 percent, and 34 percent being undecided.”

“Bush himself was a popular VP under Reagan, as was Mondale, who then became Jimmy Carter’s VP in 76,” the report said.

Despite efforts to reach out to young voters, Harris has struggled to keep a favorable image with America’s youth.

A new Economist poll found that 41 percent of voters between the ages of 18 and 29 had an “unfavorable” opinion of Harris, while just 36 percent saw her “favorably.”

A recent poll from the Convention of States discovered that most of possible voters and around half of Dems do not think Harris is ready to move into a presidential role.

“Biden has handed her some very hard assignments — voting rights and immigration — but she has not helped herself, she has made mistakes, like not visiting the border,” said Prof. Larry Sabato, Leader of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia.

Kamala’s difficulty comes at a time when Joe Biden is also having a hard time. With his open border agenda, a second set of lockdowns, and new mask mandates triggering anger among most Americans. Rumors have circulated questioning Biden’s desire to run for a second term in 2024, with many wondering if Kamala Harris will take his place.

Author: Steven Sinclaire