Pelosi Personally Signs Eviction Orders Of Thousands Of Americans

Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (CA) has come under a heavy backlash over the weekend after not extending a covid-related nationwide eviction moratorium, which has now ended with millions of people facing eviction.

“A freeze on most evictions which was done last year has expired this Saturday after Biden’s White House extended the expiration by a month,” USA Today said. “The Supreme Court decided to not end the moratorium and allow it to expire on July 31. Justice Kavanaugh wrote in June that ‘those few more weeks will allow for a more orderly use of the money that Congress had given to provide rental help to those in dire need due to covid.”

Congress, which is entirely controlled by the Dems, failed to enact new legislation to extend the moratorium. Even far-left Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (NY) said during a CNN interview this Sunday that Dems could not blame the GOP for not extending the moratorium.

“And we must really call a spade a spade,” she said. “We cannot blame the GOP when Democrats have the majority.”

Pelosi then spent her weekend shifting the blame for the debacle. Pelosi began by blaming the GOP and ended by blaming Joe Biden’s CDC.

“Ensuring all Americans have a roof overhead is a value that the Democrats rally around. That’s why I pushed a campaign to extend the nationwide CDC moratorium,” Pelosi said this Saturday. “In an act of complete cruelty, the GOP blocked this measure — leaving families and children in the streets.”

“The CDC has the ability to extend the moratorium,” she falsely said this Sunday. “As they doubled down on masks, why would they not extend a moratorium given the delta variant?”

Pelosi then faced backlash from all over the political spectrum for the disaster, which came after she spent valuable time rehashing the Jan. 6 protest and attempting to use the event as fuel to go after Trump supporters.

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Author: Blake Ambrose