What Biden Is Hiding Under a Texas Bridge Makes Everyone Squirm

A new video has shown up to 1,000 illegals being held under a bridge close to the U.S.-Mexico border as the Border Patrol in Texas keeps seeing a surge of illegals crossing the border.

Fox News journalist Bill Melugin tweeted, “This is the biggest group of migrants we have ever seen being kept by Border Patrol under the Anzalduas Bridge in TX. Looks to up to 1,000 people. We can only see the location with our drone. There is a popular crossing area close by.”

Reporter Julio Rosas also revealed pictures of the scene via Twitter, saying, “I have seen Border Patrol’s holding site underneath the Anzalduas Int. Bridge in Texas.”

“This is the most illegals I have seen at this site at once. It’s nearly 100 degrees out.”

Rosas also published a video from of yet another group, saying, “Another night, another big group of illegals giving themselves over to the Border Patrol. There are over 150 individuals there. There was also a bunch of coughing and sneezing heard inside the group.”

“Can’t say this enough that I have never seen such a big group at one time who seem to have many people who seem to be sick,” he said.

This report comes as the alleged delta variant of the covid has led to an increase in new cases in past weeks while President Biden’s admin. welcomes illegals into the nation.

Last week, officials reported that an unknown charity in the city of La Joya had rented a whole hotel to house illegals who were positive for COVID-19, giving no warning to the locals.

“Police in La Joya announced that a charity has rented a hotel here for coronavirus-positive migrants,” Fox News State Dept. Correspondent Rich Edson said via twitter. “Officials say they only discovered when one of the illegals, having symptoms and staying at the hotel, ate at a local restaurant. A customer waived down an officer.”

A later post said, “They are advising La Joya to distance and mask up.”

The reported illegals were staying at the Texas Inn after being let go by Border Patrol.

Author: Steven Sinclaire