Liberals Push The Idea Of “White Inferiority” At Southern School

The University of Kentucky has hosted a so-called anti-racism workshop that they say is aimed at teaching deans and other faculty to come to terms with their “white inferiority” and try to enhance diversity and inclusion goals inside their dept.

The university gave $5,000 to the Center for Healing Of Racial Trauma to have the privilege of featuring the workshop, according to documents recently gotten through a FOI request by YAF (Young America’s Foundation).

Called “Cultivating an Anti-Racist Mind for Academic Staff,” the workshop was featured last winter by the group, which gave trainings they claim is designed to “heal” people from racism and teach them how to be anti-racist. Apparently healing from racism means hating and dehumanizing white people.

The session involves deans and other top faculty giving their “chosen measurement for anti-racism,” to whom they chose to be accountable, and their steps to address it.

For example, Mary Davis, who is the dean of the UK’s College of Law, wrote she has started to “force myself to accept white inferiority,” saying also that it was “very hard.”

Executive VP for Finance and Administration Eric Monday said he plans to hire more black people with a starting salary of $50,000. He also said that he has formed a $250,000 BIPOC (excludes white people) recruitment fund.

The “information which is shown by these administrators’ answers, in addition to their willingness to go along with such a workshop, show how completely far-gone our colleges are,” YAF said.

The president of the University of Kentucky did acknowledge in April YAF’s request in a message to staff. President Eli Capilouto said that officials would not stop having anti-racism events simply due to their details are being revealed in the media.

“The crucial work at our university to create more diversity and accept community is important. It must — and will — go on. We will not be deterred by this,” Capilouto said. “We will not stop in our Diversity and Inclusion Plan, which involves both staff and students.”

YAF spokesperson Kara Zupkus says that the UK, which featured the last anti-white meeting, has a history of anti-white targeting, citing a racially segregated RA training it had last year.

Author: Blake Ambrose