Top Governor’s Sex Crimes Are So Horrific, Even Democrats Can’t Ignore Them

What’s really shocking about the mountain of scandals facing disgraced New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo is how he’s reacting to it. It’s painfully clear that this man is done for. If the sexual harassment charges don’t do him in, the FBI investigation into his nursing home policy will.

Yet despite shocking and disgusting evidence emerging confirming his guilt, the man continues to be defiant.

Recently, he was grilled by investigators for 11 hours over numerous sexual harassment charges. The allegations go back years and affect countless female staffers. According to reports, he was confrontational towards those questioning him, even trying to intimidate them. But the AG ended up throwing Cuomo under the bus.

The AG’s report, however, found that “Cuomo harassed multiple women, many of whom were young women, by engaging in unwanted groping, kisses, hugging, and by making inappropriate comments,” according to Attorney General Leticia James. The behavior showed a “pattern,” the investigators said, they “found all 11 women to be credible.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The tide is certainly turning against Cuomo. The stories are just too horrible to ignore. It seems Cuomo’s behavior was a “pattern” as he frequently grabbed and “groped” women who worked for him.

Democrats have called for Cuomo’s resignation. That includes Nancy Pelosi, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio, and asleep-at-the-wheel Joe Biden. For Biden to have the wherewithal to call out Cuomo (when he had previously protected the governor) shows just how much Democrats hate this guy.

Yet not only does Cuomo refuse to resign, he even conspired to discredit his accusers with slanderous leaks.

[One] of Cuomo’s top advisers, Rich Azzopardi, sent confidential personnel information about one of Cuomo’s accusers to multiple media outlets. Under the headline “The Release of Confidential Files Relating to Ms. [Lindsey] Boylan,” the AG’s office explained how shortly after Boylan publicly accused Cuomo of sexual harassment in a tweet, one of Cuomo’s top aides requested Boylan’s “full file.” [Source: Daily Wire]

That seems to be consistent with Cuomo’s behavior. He not only mistreated his staff, but he is quick to intimidate them—even assassinate their character—when they get out of line. According to one report, Cuomo often gave staffers insulting nicknames to humiliate and intimidate them.

From all accounts, this governor is painted as a bully who abuses his power for his own pleasure. He considered the woman under his employ as playthings he can do with as he pleased. Even men were just puppets for his use; if they got out of line, he pushed them around or threatened to destroy their careers.

What we really have to ask is, why did it take so long for all this to come out? The man has been in office for years. These stories go back a long way. How did a man—who committed such egregious abuse—not be called out and investigated previously?

I can tell you why: he is a Democrat in a deeply blue state. What he did was not a secret. Obviously, anyone that worked for him would have experienced his toxic behavior. But they kept their mouths shut—and lawmakers refused to investigate—because of his politics.

Democrats can claim to be the virtuous, pro-rights group of the country. But time and again, we discover the very worst human beings are on the left. And their entire party covers for them come hell and high water.

How many other men are like this, lurking in plain sight?

Author: Timothy Ames