Biden Tries To Force Vaccines On People Who Don’t Even Live Here

Let’s get one thing straight. The current debate over COVID has little to do with the Delta variant or a “surge” in new cases. It has everything to do with the failing Biden administration.

Joe Biden promised to get a certain number of Americans vaccinated by July 4th. His pathetic administration didn’t come close. (Ironic, since at the start of the year, people were eager to get vaccinated. But as Biden’s White House continued to flop, suddenly nobody wanted the jab.) So now, Biden is making up all sorts of excuses for his failure.

He is pushing new mask rules, vaccines for kids, and attacking red states all as a cover for his lack of leadership. The reason people aren’t getting vaccinated is because Biden has failed to instill confidence in the effectiveness of the treatment. (I wonder how many people would be lining up for the vaccine right now, if Donald Trump encouraged them to do it?)

Remember, Joe Biden openly attacked the vaccine last year—when it was Trump’s program.

Now, in a desperate bid to get vaccine numbers up, Biden is pushing a ridiculous new order.

President Joe Biden’s administration is working on a plan that would require most foreign visitors to be fully vaccinated before entering the country, according to a White House official…

The official noted that the plan will have “a phased approach that over time will mean, with limited exceptions, that foreign nationals traveling to the United States (from all countries) need to be fully vaccinated,” Reuters reported. [Source: Daily Caller]

Now, Biden wants to force his vaccine mandate on people that aren’t even in the country! How pathetic is this guy?

Listen, get the vaccine or don’t get the vaccine. It’s your choice. The issue isn’t about whether or not the vaccine is effective (it appears to be, since nearly all new COVID cases are from people who are not vaccinated). This is about a failed ‘president’ who is desperate to improve his image. His plan right now is to force the vaccine on people who have no choice.

That’s why, by the way, his administration is pushing the vaccine onto kids. If you want your kids back to school? Well, they’ll need to get this vaccine! Want to enter the United States (for work, family, or vacation)? You need to get the jab!

The administration and the media will say anything they can to get more people vaccinated. It’s no longer about “keeping you safe.” It’s about protecting their reputations.

Biden’s latest rule about international travelers will only serve to discourage people from coming to the United States. That will harm our tourism industry as well as other businesses. Not that Biden actually cares about what Americans care about (like putting food on the table).

Author: Joe Smith