DeSantis Responds To Biden’s Threat With a Warning Of His Own

Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis has hit back against President Biden during a press conference this Wednesday after the President ordered DeSantis to “get out of the way” earlier this week — comments that Biden made in relation to his admin’s drive to get the pandemic in control.

“So I believe the question is, we can either live in a free nation, or we can live in a biomedical security nation,” DeSantis warned. “And I can say, in Florida, we live in a free state, citizens will be free to decide, to make their own choice about their families and themselves, about their kid’s school, and about providing for their families.”

“And Biden suggests that if you do not have lockdown policies, then you should as he says, ‘get out of the way,’” DeSantis said. “But let me say this, if you’re coming for the rights of parents in this state, I’m getting in your way, I won’t let you get away with it.”

“If you are trying to deny children a good in person education, I will stand in your way and I will stand up for the kids here in Florida,” DeSantis said. “If you want to restrict people, force mandates, ruin their jobs and income and businesses, if you are trying to lock everyone down, I will get in your way and stand for the people of Florida.”

“So why not do your job? Get this border secure?” DeSantis asked. “And until this happens, I don’t want to hear anything about COVID from you. Thanks.”


This comes at a time when President Biden is coming under more fire for his open border program which is allowing hundreds of thousands of illegals to spread across the country, many of whom were tested positive for covid. And others who showed signs of being sick. Biden has refused to discuss this contradiction in Democrats’ narrative. Choosing instead to target conservative governors such as DeSantis and Texas Governor Abbott. Currently, the borders of the USA, Europe, Canada and Australia are all open without their citizen’s approval. With all other nations being able to have protected borders.

Author: Scott Dowdy