Liberals Target New Store After Trump Official Joins Their Board

Outraged liberals went to social media to force a boycott after news come out that Elaine Chao, a former Trump admin. official, was added to the board at the nationwide grocery store chain Kroger.

Chao is also married to GOP Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (Ky.), and she was the secretary of transportation in the Trump White House until she gave her resignation back in January.

“Who else is keeping far away from Kroger and all of their other stores since they allowed Elaine Chao onto their board?” tweeted the account for a Dem. Super PAC.

Kroger is based in Ohio, and is the parent entity to many other grocery companies including Fred Meyer, Food 4 Less, King Soopers, Dillons, Pay-Less Super Markets, Foods Co. and City Market

On Wednesday twitter users circulated the list of companies to not shop at in protest.

“Hey @kroger, I have shopped at your stores for more than 20 years — but not anymore! Get #ElaineChao TF out of your boardroom. Now!” said alleged body language expert Jack Brown.

“Kroger’s selection in executives should reflect its corporate values. Its leaders need to choose if total corruption is among those values,” said another poster.

“Loyal Kroger shopper right here. NO WAY will I EVER go to another Kroger with Elaine Chao being on your board!!! I am so saddened and disappointed!” said another.

“F*** Kroger for putting Elaine Chao on their Board of Directors. Elaine Chao is Mitch McConnell’s wife whose only goal as Trump’s Transportation Secretary was transporting our money to her bank account,” said another person.

Chao was America’s first Asian American woman nominated to a presidential cabinet when she was given the role of Secretary of Labor by George W. Bush back in 2001. She resigned her recent role in the ending days of the Trump White House after the protest and riot at the Capitol building.

This is yet more proof that Democrats will continue to target all supporters of Trump, even if they have broken ties with the former President.

Author: Steven Sinclaire