White House Admin Shakeup Has Democrats In a Frenzy

GOP members of the Senate have urged President Biden to rescind his nominations for people who have supported the “defund the police” movement.

Signed by Republican Senators Pat Toomey (PA), Tim Scott (SC), John Kennedy (LA), and nine other lawmakers, the letter put attention on several worrying nominees who were against the funding of law enforcement.

As one example, Solomon Greene — Biden’s pick to be Assistant Sec. for Policy Development at the Dept. of HUD — “has used his social media accounts to make offensive public comments denigrating police and advocating for the defunding of police, especially the officers who serve within public housing.”

“Imagine if the funds used to pay the salaries of officers who patrol public housing and harass residents can instead be used to pay for plans that residents created to keep themselves safe,” he said in May of last year. “No More Funds for the Police.”

Likewise, Julia Gordon — Biden’s pick to be Commissioner of the FHA — “has a history of promoting statements against police.” In June of last year, she retweeted a tweet from the National Community Stabilization Trust that indicated the group supports those people “who want to dismantle four hundred years of structural racism.”

She also wrote in a July message that “we can only hope that the current horrors of law enforcement violence and the disproportionate affect of coronavirus on communities of color has revealed new light on the truth that these issues are not only outliers or one time things, but they stem from biased systems that need structural change.”

The GOP lawmakers’ letter says:

“If your White House is really serious about getting away from extreme anti-police movements supported by liberal activists… you should strongly think of withdrawing some of your current nominees who previously supported the defunding of police or backed other policies that would greatly harm the safety of police officials.”

“Mr. Greene and Ms. Gordon’s comments disparaging officers and supporting the defunding of police are very disappointing and call into doubt their fitness to be senior officials in the federal government. Police officers place themselves in harm’s way all day to keep us safe. They deserve to get support — not attacked — by federal authorities and lawmakers.”

Author: Blake Ambrose