Biden Fundamentally Changes America With One Executive Order

President Biden has signed an executive order this Thursday with the goal of making 50 percent of new vehicles sold by 2030, zero-emission.

“The future of the industry is electric,” Biden announced via Twitter as he unveiled his plan.

He also took a shot at former President Trump, saying he would be “announcing steps to reverse the previous admin.’s short-sighted pull back of vehicle standards.”

“Specifically, the President will enact an Executive Order that creates an ambitious new goal to make half of all new vehicles produced in 2030 zero-emission,” the White House stated in a “fact sheet” published on Thursday morning.

“The Executive Order also starts creation of long-term fuel efficiency and emissions standards to save American consumers money, lower pollution, increase public health, push forward environmental justice, and deal with the climate crisis,” it said.

“When I report that electric vehicles are the future, I am not joking. Tune in tomorrow for the big news,” he said via Twitter.

“A decade ago, we were discussing reaching 50 miles per gallon in 15 years. Today, for new autos we are talking about having 50% of vehicles not requiring even one gallon of gas to go a mile in under a decade,” a senior administration official said, according to ABC News.

The report added that “car makers like GM and Ford are expected to be in Washington to support the executive order and unveil their plans to meet President Biden’s goal.”

However, the new initiative comes at a huge price. The NY Post reports, “The least-expensive new electric vehicle in 2021 is the $29,900 Mini Hardtop.”

“The 2021 Chevrolet Spark, in comparison, is the least-expensive new gasoline car and starts at just $13,400.”

Back in April, Biden committed the U.S. to lowering greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by 2030 as a part of its new pledge to the Paris climate agreement.

The Dem president made the “nationally determined contribution” promise on Thursday morning, the first day of the two-day Leaders Summit on Global Warming.

But the truth is, America has under 15 percent of the world’s emissions. No country can solve this problem on their own.

Author: Blake Ambrose