Biden’s Impeachment Is a Go — As Long As This Happens

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, a ranking member of President Biden’s Cabinet, will be hit with articles of impeachment by an Arizona official who is fed up with the ongoing border crisis.

GOP Congressman Andy Biggs (Ariz.) announced recently his intentions to issue articles of impeachment on Alejandro Mayorkas over the Biden White House’s handling of the open border problem.

Biggs said he would issue the impeachment documents in the “upcoming weeks.”

In a comment, Biggs said Mayorkas was “a threat to the security and sovereignty of our nation,” citing the amount of migrants who were released into the United States despite getting infected with coronavirus.

Is the open border crisis getting worse?

While news about the open border crisis in the liberal media has gone down, border authorities reported an all-time record amount of illegal unaccompanied children were caught in July — over 19,000.

Meanwhile, over 210,000 illegals overall were stopped by border officials last month, the AP reported. The figure went up by over 20,000 compared to June, and was the highest total in more than 20 years.

Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar (Texas) — the Democrat most publicly against the Biden White House’s handling of the border problem — sounded the alarm in July, noting the flood had gone up over the summer months, which is strange considering the high desert heat of southern Texas.

“I have witnessed the 2014 surge, the 2019 surge, and now the 2021 surge. Usually, you have the peaks during March, April, May, and June. But now we are saying them in July and going into August and this is not stopping,” Cuellar said on Fox News.

Even more surprising are the mass of illegals being released from United States custody without notices to show in court and those being let go who are infected with coronavirus.

Reports show that over 50,000 illegals have been let go without a court date; and although they are told to go to an immigration office, only 13% have done this. Meanwhile, almost 20% of illegal border crossing families who were let go from Border custody were COVID-19 positive over recent weeks, NBC has reported.

Author: Steven Sinclaire