Cuomo’s Last Allies Jump Ship As Impeachment Looms Nearer

New York governor, Democrat Andrew Cuomo, could soon be out of a job.

The once-worshiped leader has been hammered with numerous scandals. The FBI is investigating his policy that exposed thousands of nursing home residents to COVID. That would be enough to take down a governor.

But the thing that seemed to doom his political career is an erupting sexual harassment scandal. The state AG recently dropped a bombshell on the state, revealing the mountain of evidence and allegations against the man. It seems Cuomo showed a “pattern” of abuse and bullying toward his female staff.

That has been enough for even Democrats to turn on him. Everyone from Joe Biden to Nancy Pelosi wants the man to resign. Yet still, the governor refuses to admit wrong or step down. So, the rumblings of impeachment are growing, just as his top aide abandons ship.

As the New York Legislature nears a decision on impeachment, scandal-plagued Gov. Andrew Cuomo will have to fight on without one of his most trusted confidantes.

Top aide Melissa DeRosa, who has been with Cuomo since 2013, resigned Sunday night, saying the last two years have been “mentally and emotionally trying” for her as the COVID-19 pandemic and multiple scandals embroiled the governor’s mansion.

Her departure came just days after a report by Attorney General Letitia James alleged DeRosa played a key role in leaking the personnel file of one of Cuomo’s female accusers in an effort to discredit her as allegations of sexual harassment mounted. [Source: Just the News]

Well, isn’t this interesting? The aide who previously tried to protect Cuomo is down resigning. DeRosa, a female staffer who worked with Cuomo for years, was outed by the AG report for trying to help Cuomo when these allegations first came out. Apparently, she leaked the file of one of his accusers, hoping the media would discredit her.

That’s pretty low, especially for a woman to do to another woman. Aren’t Democrats supposed to “believe all women”? And don’t feminists support their fellow women?

But DeRosa was mentioned a shocking 187 times in the AG’s report, revealing she could be just as culpable in Cuomo’s actions as he is.

It’s not just the person who committed the acts who is guilty, but anyone that aided them or did nothing to stop them.

DeRosa was a top advisor and loyal follower of Cuomo for nearly ten years. She would know plenty about his scandalous behavior. Perhaps she is getting out now to avoid scrutiny herself? This could be her way of avoiding being questioned or even facing charges herself.

What we do know is that this doesn’t bode well for Cuomo. Pressuring is mounting against him to resign immediately. If he continues to refuse, the state might have no choice but to impeach him.

We wonder, how many more staffers will resign in the coming days and weeks, just to save their own skins?

Author: Timothy Jones