Trump Unleashes Fury On Mitch McConnell After Blatant Betrayal

Former President Trump gave a comment this Saturday slamming the current infrastructure bill as a “gift to the Democrats, compliments of McConnell.”

“If Mitch McConnell was smart, which we have seen no evidence he is, he would use America’s debt ceiling to negotiate a better infrastructure deal with Democrats. This is a 2,700 page document that no one could read,” Trump said. “It is a huge gift to the Democrats, compliments of McConnell and other RINOs, who have no clue what they are doing. There is very little about infrastructure in the bill.”

“Instead, they track Americans’ driving in order to tax you. It is Biden’s kind of a gas tax but much bigger, much higher and, mark my words, much worse,” Trump said. “They want to watch you and track everything you do! Joe Biden’s infrastructure plan will be used against the GOP in the 2022 and 2024 elections.”

Trump said, “It will be very difficult for me to support anyone foolish enough to favor this bill. The good news is that that the so-called progressive Democrats will lose all their credibility with this.”

“Also, Kevin McCarthy and the GOP House members seem like they are against the bill,” Trump said.

“If it cannot be killed in the Senate, maybe it will die in the House! Pelosi and the Dems understand that this is how they can get the terrible $3.5 trillion, or $5 trillion, bill passed in the House.”

“Mitch is playing completely into Nancy Pelosi’s hands, not to mention Chuck Schumer already going around saying this is a big win for Democrats. Whether it’s the Senate or the House, think twice before you accept this terrible deal.”

“The GOP should wait until after the 2022 Midterms when they can get more strength they will need to make a better deal, but remember, we already have the card, it is called America’s debt ceiling, which the Dems threatened us with a lot.”

Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY), who tried to fast-track the Senate proceedings to hasten the passing of the bill on Saturday, was stopped from doing so by Republican Senator Bill Hagerty (TN) for being unable to consent to the bill’s because of the Congressional Budget Office terrible score of the huge 2,702-page bill, with the group reporting it would add $256 billion to the deficit over the next ten years.

Author: Blake Ambrose