Biden Finally Surrenders — Will He Announce Resignation This Week?

President Biden is at his home in Delaware today. After getting his daily presidential briefing around 10 a.m., White House officials called an early lid sometime after.

“The Biden Team called a travel pool close at 11:27,” the White House said.

WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki was not scheduled to give a Monday briefing.

Before doing this, President Biden put out a comment about ongoing crackdowns and unrest happening in Belarus.

“One year ago, the Belarus people sought to make their voices heard and control their own future through the most simple expression of democracy—with an election. Rather than respecting the will of the Belarusian citizens, the Lukashenka regime is guilty of election fraud, followed by brutal repression to stop dissent. From arresting thousands of people, to imprisoning over 500 activists, civil society leaders, and reports as political prisoners, to causing the diversion of a flight, the behaviour of the Lukashenka regime represents their illegitimate effort to keep power at any price,” Biden stated.

“It is the responsibility of the people who care about human rights and free elections to stand up to this oppression. The U.S. will keep standing up for free expression, while keeping the Lukashenka accountable, in concert with our partners and allies. Toward that end, today, we are giving a new Executive Order that increases our ability to bring new sanctions against Belarusian people and entities for their part in these attacks on democracy and corruption,” he said. “As I informed the leader of the opposition in the country, Svyatlana Tsikhanouskaya, we must stand with the Belarusian people as they bravely push for their democratic aspirations.”

Back in DC, Senate Dems and some GOP members are working to enact a huge $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill full of liberal items unrelated to infrastructure. Dems will follow infrastructure with an even larger $3.5 trillion spending spree.

At the border, Chinese covid coronavirus cases are increases as a flood of illegals pour into the nation each day. Over this past weekend, a Border Patrol agent was fired at from Mexico.

Author: Blake Ambrose