Rand Paul Makes Big Tech Regret Their Latest Censorship Strategy

In the battle to protect American rights during the COVID panic, only a few lawmakers are fighting. One of them is Republican Rand Paul, who is also a trained physician.

He has frequently criticized Anthony Fauci, whom the media has praised as a savior. Paul has gone as far as to recommend criminal charges against Fauci, claiming he lied to Congress while under oath.

Paul has also called into question the origin story of the virus—believe it could have been leaked from the Wuhan virus lab. He also has recently pushed back against Joe Biden and Democrats who want more government mandates.

Much of his comments and speeches were posted on YouTube, so millions of Americans can see them. But no only did YouTube take down those videos, but they suspended his account for one week. Now, the senator is blasting them.

Last week, YouTube removed an 8-minute clip of an interview with the Senator on Newsmax, in which he discussed U.S. funding of a lab in China that is increasingly believed to be the origin of the Chinese coronavirus…

In response to the censorship, Sen. Paul uploaded a second video to YouTube, criticizing the company for censorship and reiterating his opposition to mask mandates. The Google-owned video platform removed that video as well…

“They are now banning all my speech, including speech that is given on the Senate floor, which is protected constitutional,” said Sen. Paul in public comments on Tuesday. “YouTube now thinks they are smart enough and godly enough that they can oversee speech, even constitutionally protected speech.” [Source: Breitbart]

Clearly, YouTube is running interference for the left—taking down any content that jeopardizes their narrative. YouTube is obviously threatened by senators like Rand Paul, who have the “audacity” to speak up and oppose Democrats’ agenda.

Nothing that Paul has said was inaccurate or “misinformation.” In fact, in the United States, Paul like everyone else is free to say what he wants. But YouTube, much like most social networks, have decided to police speech in order to “protect” the public.

(That’s exactly what dictatorships claim when they crack down on speech, too, by the way.)

Paul blasted the media site, saying they think they are smarter than the rest of us. He criticized the Google-owned company, rebuking them for censoring “constitutionally protected speech.”

This is certainly not the first time YouTube has done this. And they will continue to do so, violating the rights of American citizens, unless Congress bothers to act.

The government needs to, for once, do something to protect American citizens. Many have called on Congress to pass legislation that will prevent social media sites from violating our free speech. Democrats need to realize this is happening to them as well and will only get worse unless they act.

But what are the odds corrupt Democrats under Schumer and Pelosi will bother to do anything? I’m not holding my breath waiting.

Author: James Smith