CDC Caught Lying About The Delta Variant, Here’s The Real Truth

Republican Senator Rand Paul (KY) has slammed the CDC for being “anti-science,” and it seems like there is now another thing that he could stress to support his claim.

There are two metrics to look at if you are investigating a virus — severity and transmissibility.

While the coronavirus is very transmissible, it is not as severe as the Ebola virus is which has a far higher lethality.

But just how transmissible is the coronavirus Delta variant that the Joe Biden White House are flipping out over?

The CDC said on July 26 in their slide show that it was just as contagious as chickenpox — which is among the most contagious viruses we have ever seen.

Of course, the liberal media spread this lie everywhere. Take notice of the help of Dr. Zeke Emanuel in supporting this claim.

Naturally, that makes the public overreact to the news.

But as NPR says, this was not true.

Biostatistician Tom Wenseleers in Belgium went over the difference between Delta and chickenpox. The R0 or “R naught” is the amount of people an infected person will infect, on average, when the whole population is vulnerable to the disease. For chickenpox, the number is 9 or 10. For Delta, it is less, he said — somewhere around 6 and 7. Still very transmissible, and higher than the original strain which was 2 and 3, but not in the same league as chickenpox.

So how did the Biden White House get these facts so wrong, reporting that it was “just as transmissible?”

The leaked document underestimated chickenpox’s R0 and overestimated delta’s R0. “The R0 values for delta were calculated from data obtained from a smaller sample size,” a federal official said. “The number for the chickenpox came from a graphic from The NY Times, which was not completely accurate.”

Once again making policy and comments based upon something that is simply terrible and would cause more fear. So how are officials being kept accountable for spreading lies like this that are simply wrong?

The Biden Admin. should immediately correct all lies which the CDC and other agencies hav put out. Instead, they are allowing lies to cause fear in the American people to encourage them to give up more of their freedoms.

Author: Steven Sinclaire