Democrats Target The Unvaccinated With Downright Evil Punishments

Liberal elites in the media and elsewhere have started calling for unvaccinated Americans to be forced to pay higher insurance premiums and taxes — or worse, to be denied coverage for the costs of any coronavirus-related hospitalizations even if they have insurance.

These new pleas come from a “policy journalist” for Washington Monthly, a liberal magazine that says it “tells the stories of how government truly works —and how to make it do so better.”

In a news piece published this week, reporter Anne Kim said that the government should force unvaccinated people to pay greater taxes and fees than everyone else.

“Does an unvaccinated high school kid want to play football or another high-contact sport? Schools should double the fees for them to cover the expense of disinfection or for teammates infected in an outbreak,” Kim wrote.

“Does a traveler wish to go unvaccinated? Airlines should charge a ‘public safety fee’ with compensates flight attendants and staff for sick days or lost wages,” she said.

After listing some more proposed fees and taxes, she then falsely said that “none” of these “penalties would affect low-income Americans disproportionately.”

But that is untrue. Data shows that vaccination rates are lowest among people with low income.

“Over half of unvaccinated Americans are in households that earn under $50,000 every year,” Axios said last month.

Comparatively, Kim’s ideas are one of the less evil ones.

In a news piece published recently in MarketWatch, Texas A&M professor Jonathan Meer called for unvaccinated people who pay for private insurance to be denied their coverage for coronavirus hospitalizations.

“Insurers, led by gov. programs, should declare that eligible people who choose not to get vaccinated are responsible for the entire cost of coronavirus-related hospitalizations,” Meer said.

While some Democrats might chuckle at the idea of using conservatives’ own Obamacare arguments against them, Republicans have never said that unhealthy people who pay for insurance to be kept from coverage. They have asked only that the healthy not be forced to subsidize unhealthy people’s premiums.

Regardless, the irony is not getting lost on Republicans, who were fast to note that Meer had just unintentionally debunked the liberal narrative that healthcare was a human right:

Author: Steven Sinclaire