Biden Cowers As Pressure From Failures Mounts — Is This The End For Him?

We are witnessing a tragedy in Afghanistan due to Biden’s unorganized withdrawal without any true preparation with Afghan leaders or understanding of the Taliban’s movement.

Now that the Taliban are going into the capitol city, we likely will not save the thousands of people who helped us and who are now in enemy territory. Hopefully, we are able to extract our own people in time — but even that might be a question now.

Last Thursday, State Dept. spokesperson Ned Price spoke about having “weeks” to remove people, when it was suddenly obvious it was days or maybe even hours, before the Taliban were approaching the gates of the city. The fact that the Biden team were so ignorant right until the end about how to deal with this disaster and uncaring about removing our allies when they had months to prepare is criminal.

Now, the Taliban has taken over all types of American weapons, as they roll over certain Afghan military positions.

So, what we have now is an Islamic-controlled nation which terrorizes its own people especially women and girls, and who will kill everyone who aided America. But even more problematic, the very reason we were there will return — an Islamic nation from which they could create more terroristic acts.

Was it all inevitable that it would end up this way? This is very humiliating and was not at all inevitable. That’s completely on President Biden, the guy who was wrong about everything since he took office.

Early in July, when Biden had the chance to do things but was waiting and acting as though he had as much time as he needed, he said it was not inevitable that the Taliban would be back in power, despite the fact that American intelligence was predicting this would happen.

“There is going to be no situation where you will see people being lifted off roofs of the embassy from Afghanistan,” Biden stated when asked about the potential for an airlift as occurred in 1975 during the fall of Saigon when the Vietnam War ended.

Author: Scott Dowdy