DHS Issues Domestic Terrorism “Checklist” — Guess Who’s On It?

The Dept. of Homeland Security gave a startling terrorism advisory recently that seems to show U.S. citizens who disagree with the liberal narrative on covid as possible terrorists.

The first mention of coronavirus dissenters seems to be a paragraph about “racially motivated violent extremists (RMVEs) along with anti-government extremists.”

The department says these “extremists might seek to exploit COVID-19 variants by seeing the re-establishment of health measures across the country as a reason to conduct attacks.”

The advisory then suggests that legitimate opposition to unnecessary and pseudo-scientific COVID restrictions could be connected to terrorist activity.

In fact, that is exactly how liberal NBC News has publicized the advisory:

The second mention again speaks of opposition to coronavirus restrictions, with the dept. warning this time that there were “non-specific calls for violence on numerous online platforms” concerning “anticipated restrictions.”

But if these supposed calls for violence have been “non-specific,” then how does the DHS know that they are related to the restrictions?

The next mention suggests that Americans who shared the covid lab leak theory or brought up concerns about the covid vaccines is a “nation-state adversary” attempting “to sow discord.”

“Nation-state adversaries have boosted their efforts to sow discord. For example, Chinese, Russian and Iranian government-linked news outlets have routinely supported conspiracy theories about the sources of COVID-19 and the vaccines; in certain cases, amplifying the calls for violence against Asian descent,” the section reads.

About the Chinese lab leak theory, even a leftist like Josh Rogin, a media figure who works at CNN and The Washington Post, has accepted that it is true:

The only reporters who keep denying the legitimacy of the theory are members of the extreme-left like this “trans socialist”:

That DHS is now essentially supporting and pushing extreme-left narratives — and, worse, putting these narratives into its enforcement — suggests that the Joint Chiefs of Staff chair General Mark Milley is not the only top official in the admin. who’s gone “woke.”

Moreover, the dept.’s decision to repeatedly mention coronavirus dissenters in its advisory suggests it “plans to prosecute people as ‘terrorists” for using their first amendment rights,” according to the award-winning reporter Lara Logan.

She is not alone in being worried about where all of this leads.

Author: Blake Ambrose