Governor Newsom Terrified Of Curve-Ball Republican Challenger

Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom has taken aim at the GOP front-runner and talk show host Larry Elder, in California’s upcoming recall election as the polls reveal that Newsom’s support is declining.

Newsom attacked Elder by connecting him to “Trumpism” during his event at a local Mexican restaurant this Saturday.

“Though we beat Trump, we did not defeat Trumpism. It is still alive and doing well, even here in California,” Newsom said to volunteers.

“If you do not believe me, just remember,” he said, “he is the likely person to take the oath of office, to go into the governor’s office in only a matter of weeks if we do not reject this recall.”

Newsom was speaking of Elder, a popular right-wing talk show host from LA. In his recent fundraising email, the Democratic governor warned that Elder was only 2 points away from being the next governor of the state.

“Now understand this: Larry Elder is only 2 points from being the next governor. Don’t mean to scare you, but it is true,” he said in the email.

Newsom only has to get 50% of the votes to keep his office, but due to the way the election is being run, Elder does not have to get 50% of votes to be Governor. He only has to get a plurality from Newsom challengers if the Governor loses.

A new poll revealed that only 48% of voters in the state would vote for Newsom, just 2 percentage points away from the 46% who reported they would vote against him.

A CBS YouGov poll also discovered that Newsom is coming under an enthusiasm gap. GOP voters are not as many as Dem voters in California, but more of them report they are excited to get out to vote in the upcoming election.

Elder has stated he will be against mask or vaccine mandates if he is elected.

“When I am elected, assuming we still have mask and vaccine mandates, they will get repealed right away and then I will break for breakfast,” he said to his supporters.

California will hold the recall election against the Democratic Governor on September 14.

Author: Steven Sinclaire