Biden Gets Humiliated On The Global Stage Again — Only This Time, We All Suffer

Americans will be forced to pay more for gas for the foreseeable future, thanks to President Biden’s destructive energy decisions and OPEC’s refusal of his request to increase oil production to counteract rising prices in the U.S.

Four sources revealed to Reuters this week that there is no need for OPEC to increase oil output over the next three months simply due to American consumers feeling some pain.

OPEC contains 15 member nations, including two nations that are hostile against the U.S., Iran and Venezuela. So it’s not a surprise that U.S. enemies aren not fast to accommodate a request from Biden.

“One of our four sources, speaking anonymously, told Reuters it was not needed to release extra oil faster, while another said there was not a concern that the planned increases would leave demand unmet,” Reuters said.

This demeaning OPEC refusal occurred right after Taliban terrorists seized much of Afghanistan amid Biden’s humiliating management of U.S. troop withdrawal.

If America’s rank in the world were not destroyed by Biden’s feckless leadership, it is possible OPEC might have given in to his demands. But this is not how things are going right now.

Last week, the Biden White House begged OPEC to boost output. Jake Sullivan, the National Security Advisor, said that “more gasoline costs, if left to continue, risk hurting the global recovery.”

In July, OPEC Plus grouping — which includes nonmembers and members like Russia — agreed to increase oil production by 400,000 barrels per day per month, starting in August, until it lowers down its current oil reductions of 5.8 million barrels each day.

However, the Biden Admin. said these adjustments would not balance out increasing gas prices in the U.S.

“While OPEC+ recently accepted production increases, these increases will not completely offset past production cuts that they imposed during covid until 2022,” Sullivan stated. “At a crucial moment in the global recovery, this is just not enough.”

He said the White House issued the plea to OPEC due to Biden “wanting Americans to get access to reliable and affordable energy, including at the gas pump.”

A plea that has not been very publicly denied.

Author: Steven Sinclaire