RINO Governor Loses All Credibility In An Instant

GOP Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is asking for Afghan “refugees” to be brought into his home state.

“President Biden has broken his word to the country, the world, and the Afghans, but as Americans, we cannot break our word to people who gave us help in our mission to defend freedom and give justice to those who attacked our nation on Sept. 11,” he said in reply to President-imposed Biden’s terrible management of the pull-out.

He said that “it is very important to keep those who helped American forces over the past 20 years safe from any harm.”

Kemp wants to bring over people who took Pentagon money to help support a phony Afghan government that was never seen as legitimate. In fact, American troops were ordered to ignore many child rapists who were inside the Afghan government. This is the group from which these people came from and who are being imported into Georgia with the blessing of Governor Kemp.

The refugee movement industry is happy that Gov. Kemp will be helping out by allowing in potentially-dangerous migrants from a warzone.

“It is welcome news. It’s always better to have partnership with the government, and we are thrilled that Kemp is supportive of welcoming these refugees,” said Paedia Mixon, leader of New American Pathways, a refugee resettlement group.

“We have already seen an outpouring of support from our community, and these are people who have worked with our government and bring amazing skills with them,” Mixon said.

We have reported about how Biden’s disastrous withdrawal is now being used as a convenient excuse to import refugees to further change the demographics of America:

“A military cargo plane leaving Kabul’s airport with so-called “refugees” has overwhelmingly only fighting-age males, raising concerns about the wisdom of accepting hundreds of thousands of Afghans supposedly looking for asylum in predominantly Christian nations.”

“Imagery of a US Air Force flight with hundreds of Afghans leaving the nation came out on Monday, with 640 people on board on the basis of their alleged connection to America’s military forces who have fought in a 20-year war in Afghanistan. The flight was set for Qatar, where migrant and visa processing for the people onboard will happen in third party nations with the understanding that the “refugees” will eventually come to the United States.”

The anti-white globalists never miss a chance, and with RINOs such as Kemp in power, it is no wonder why America is in the terrible shape it’s in.

Author: Blake Ambrose