Biden Literally Runs From Reporters When Asked This Question

Americans were shocked to watch 20 years of hard work go down the drain. After Biden hastily withdrew our troops from Afghanistan, the Taliban took over in a matter of days.

Thousands of Americans are stranded as Afghan citizens are left in mortal danger.

But despite the growing crisis, Americans might not have been as outraged, had Biden bothered to explain himself. Instead, he hid out at Camp David for days. Eventually, he gave a 20-minute speech, blaming everyone but himself. Then, he ran away to hide again.

Only recently did he give a carefully controlled interview, which did not go over well.

Biden did an interview with ABC News host George Stephanopoulos at the White House to defend his actions…

The interview was the first time Biden took questions about the crisis in Afghanistan in eight days. But he did not appear prepared.

Biden snapped at Stephanopoulos for asking about Afghan people rushing a plane as it took off the runway in the airport in Kabul, some even falling to their deaths as it took off. [Source Breitbart]

That interview failed to provide any answers for the American people. Soon, Biden appeared again, but only to attack governors over mask mandates. As if that’s what Americans care about right now. But, as usual, he ran from the room, ignoring questions.

Democrat President Joe Biden bolted out of a press conference on Wednesday after repeatedly taking shots at Republican-led states over their handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

Biden’s press conference came as thousands of Americans remain trapped in Afghanistan and horrifying images have emerged from the nation showing violence and chaos erupting in the wake of his disastrous pullout from Afghanistan.

He did not take a single question from reporters. [Source: Daily Wire]

Meanwhile, things in Afghanistan appear to be getting worse.

Reports suggest the Taliban is already killing women for not complying with their demands. Alleged text messages from the terrorist group suggest they will be hunting down U.S. allies to their death. Thousands crowd the airport, hoping in vain that they can get a flight out. The White House shamefully told Americans that they could not keep them safe on their way to the airbase.

And Biden just turns his back and leaves.

This problem is not going to go away. And it will hunt Biden, his administration, and Democrats for as long as they stay in power (which probably won’t be for very long). Thousands of Americans are in danger, not to mention many Afghans who aided us. Biden appears totally unprepared and out of his depth. He can’t even give straight answers to questions.

Meanwhile, our nation continues to face many crises at home. The Southern border remains open, now with an active Taliban in power. Biden is asleep at the wheel as a new threat of terrorism grows.

But at least we don’t have a president posting mean tweets anymore, right?

Author: Alex Jameson