Fugitive Democrats Finally Return With Absolutely Nothing To Show For It

Over a month ago, about 50 Texas Democrats from the state House fled to D.C. Knowing they didn’t have the votes to block election reform, they simply ran to break quorum. Without enough lawmakers in session, Republicans were not able to pass their legislative agenda.

These Democrats pretended to be champions of justice. When really, they were block a bill that would prevent massive voter fraud—not to mention bills that helped families and schools.

This little game of theirs quickly grew tiresome. The governor vowed to arrest them once they returned to the state. Texas House Speaker issued warrants for 52 arrests. Meanwhile, some of the fleeing Democrats were caught vacationing in Portugal, as others begged Texans to send them care packages.

But it seems six weeks is long enough. And now, enough of these cowards have returned to end this charade.

After nearly six weeks of avoiding the state Capitol, enough Texas House Democrats returned to resume work, which includes the GOP elections bill…

“It’s time to get back to the business of the people of Texas,” House Speaker Dade Phelan said. “I appreciate every one of you. I’m looking forward to working with you over the coming week or two.”

The three Houston representatives joined five other Democrats in breaking with the rest of their party that had prevented quorum by leaving the state and heading to Washington, D.C.

The last three returning Democrats were criticized by some who still have not returned to the state.

“This is how Texas Democrats lose elections,” Rep. Michelle Beckley, D-Carrollton, tweeted. [Source: Just the News]

You think this is how Democrats lose elections? No, my dear. Running away from your job and hiding out in D.C. is how you lose elections.

It’s mind boggling how these morons thought Texans would be proud to watch their elected leaders run away from a fight. And to D.C. of all places! They would have been better of running to San Francisco.

Very few Texans residents seemed to be impressed by their antics. The only people cheering on these deserters were the deserters themselves. You have to wonder who was the genius who advised these people to flee, who posted selfies of themselves on a private flight stocked with beer. Whoever told them this was a good idea should be fired immediately.

The narrative that they were “suffering” for a righteous cause never caught on. Especially when they continued to receive a $200/day per diem as they fled from work.

There will probably be long-term consequences for their little stunt. Any Republican running against them just has to point to this shameful episode to score major points with voters.

I’d say these Democrats learned their lesson, but that’s probably not true. The next time they are up against a tough fight, the left will find another excuse to run.

The only solution is making sure they don’t have a job to run from.

Author: Mark Graham