Biden Humiliated On The Global Stage Yet Again

British media exploded yesterday after the publication of an op-ed in a top think tank publication by former British PM Tony Blair, who said that Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan “imbecilic.”

Blair, a favorite of the left while he was Prime Minister, says Biden’s choice to remove troops was not based on any strategy, but instead “in obedience to an imbecilic political saying of ending ‘the forever wars.’”

Blair, who was the prime minister during the 9/11 crisis and following invasion of Afghanistan, said in the news piece that no troops were killed in battle over the past 18 months.

The Telegraph:

“In a lightly veiled attack on the Dem president, whom Mr Blair praised back in January as “the right man at the right place and time”, he says: “We did not need to do it. We chose to. We did it in obedience to an imbecilic political slogan of ending ‘the forever wars’, as if our 2021 engagement was remotely comparable to what we did 20 or even 10 years ago, in circumstances to which troops had gone down to a minimum and no American or allied soldier had died for 18 months.”

Other UK leaders were equally incensed at Biden’s stupidity. Labor Party Leader Keir Starmer said the decision to leave a “catastrophic mistake of judgment.”

Current PM Boris Johnson along with his Foreign Minister Dominic Raab are reluctantly asking Russia and China for help in trying to “moderate” the Taliban’s actions.

“We are going to have to bring in nations with a moderating influence like China and Russia, however uncomfortable that will be,” said Raab. The British PM has suggested the formation of a global “contact group” of nations that would try to hold the Taliban. A similar group was formed during the Bosnian conflict.

It is not just the withdrawal from the country that is getting this reaction from America’s allies. It’s the way it is being carried out — without a strategy, and leaving the belief that no one is in charge.

This comes at a time when Trump is rapidly growing in support as Biden falls from grace. With Trump’s latest rally in Cullman, Alabama reaching 30,000 attendees.

Author: Scott Dowdy