Kamala Just Did Something No VP Should Ever Do — And It’s Downright Creepy

The Biden-Harris admin. has found itself coming up against arguably the worst foreign policy disaster in American history, yet VP Kamala Harris is reacting to concerns from the media as another strange laughing matter.

Journalists greeted Harris as she left for Southeast Asia trip, with Singapore being her first stop. “What’s your response to reports that Americans–“ one journalist inquired before being cut off by the VP. “Hold on, hold on. Slow down, everyone,” a laughing Harris said.

The reporter was not able to ask her whole question, though Harris did talk about Afghanistan. “We could not have a bigger priority right now,” the VP said. “A particular high priority is ensuring that we safely evacuate Americans and the Afghans who worked for us, and the Afghans at risk, including women and children, and that is among our highest if not the top priority at the moment.”

Despite Afghanistan being seen as a top “priority,” that did not seem to be true as the chaos was happening in Afghanistan. Rather President Biden seemed to have a focus on efforts to deal with the Covid coronavirus, in official White House comments as well as Twitter.

As POLITICO stressed in a Friday edition of the West Wing Playbook called “Who the White House trusts on TV to deal with Afghanistan,” Harris is not one of these figures. In fact, she has not been public or talked much about the crisis there, which has gotten its own mockery.

Reports like this reminds people that Harris’ past foreign trip, to Mexico and Guatemala in late June, was not successful.

In Friday comments President Biden promised he would evacuate Americans from Afghanistan as well as those who aided Americans, but criticism is still coming in from all sides.

Al Jazeera said on Sunday that 2,500 Americans were evacuated. However, there are still as much as 15,000 Americans and a total 50,000-60,000 Afghan allies who are wanting to get evacuated.

And, as Spencer reported this Saturday, “Pentagon Apparently Was Unaware of Kabul Embassy’s Warning to Avoid The Airport.” That dire warning informed Americans not to go to the airport, because of “security threats” there.

Author: Steven Sinclaire