Liberal Media Giant Delivers Knockout Blow To Biden

We can’t be sure what Biden was expecting to happen with his hasty, unplanned withdrawal from Afghanistan. Did he expect America to praise him, knowing that the Taliban would take over?

Did he think we would celebrate the fall of the country we worked 20 years to defend?

We know he probably did this to give China an entrance into the country, so they could harvest its lithium resources. But he couldn’t have expected Americans to be happy about that, right?

People from all walks of life are outraged over Biden’s mishandling of the crisis. With each day, he gets worse and worse. It doesn’t even seem what he is saying is remotely accurate or factual.

Now, even the liberal media is calling him out. People who once protected and propped up Sleepy Joe have no choice but to skewer him. Even CNN is turning on him.

Sunday on CNN’s “Inside Politics,” CNN chief national affairs correspondent Jeff Zeleny suggested President Joe Biden’s recent speech about the Taliban’s takeover of Afghanistan was evidence the president is being “insulated or isolated inside the White House.”…

Biden stated, “I have seen no question of our credibility from our allies around the world. I have spoken with our NATO allies.. The fact of the matter is that I have not seen that. Matter of fact, the exact opposite, I’ve got the exact opposite. We’re acting with dispatch, and we’re committing to what we said we would do.”

“[Y]ou have to question — is the president insulated, isolated? On Friday, it was just almost bizarre,” Zeleny outlined. “What he was saying did not match the reality of what some of his other advisers were saying. What I was really struck by was … when he was asked about allies, essentially suggesting that allies are not upset at the U.S. or embittered by this. And it’s just not the case.” [Source: Breitbart]

The media is scratching its collective heads over Biden’s recent odd, and unfactual claims. Joe said that he spoke with our NATO allies and that none of them are upset. He even claimed they are not questioning his “credibility.” But that is patently untrue.

Numerous leaders from NATO countries are disgusted and outraged by Biden’s failures. They have publicly made their opinions known and reports reveal they have spoken to Biden directly over his terrible handling of Afghanistan. British MPs have been livid. President Macron of France hammered Biden in a call, as did Boris Johnson.

All of them have been publicly criticizing Biden’s failures. Yet the man claims the opposite.

This sparked worry from CNN’s Jeff Zeleny, who thinks he might be “insulated” or “isolated” from what’s going on. That’s a charitable response. Zeleny called Biden’s statement “bizarre” because of how unconnected from the truth it was.

That’s the closest CNN can get to calling Biden a liar. They are trying to weave a narrative that Biden’s staff are just protecting him from the truth. That’s bad enough, if true. But there’s no way Biden did not know our NATO allies are ticked off, when they have been speaking to him and releasing public statements.

It’s more likely this is Biden trying to distort the truth, hoping the media will just go along. Biden has a long history of blatantly lying or making things up. During a crisis like this, we are seeing his true colors come out. The man has zero credibility and lies when the chips are down.

CNN has been forced to address this. And it will only get worse as this crisis continues.

Author: Peter Jones