Even Olympic Sprinters Can’t Run As Fast As Biden Does From Reporters

President Biden quickly left a brief press event concerning his Afghanistan crisis this Tuesday, which was delayed for a few hours, and he refused to answer questions from journalists.

The event came as the United States Military started to withdraw from the nation this Tuesday as thousands of Americans are still trapped there.

Biden said that the United States was “currently on a pace to be complete by Aug. 31,” even though numerous Democrats have said this is not true, including House Intel. Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who reported that it was “very unlikely.”


Retired Army Lt. Col. James Carafano, who is the Heritage VP for foreign policy, slammed President Biden in a comment after the press conference, saying that the top priority of the United States government was to guard its citizens and that President Biden was not doing that.

“Unfortunately, Biden’s politically motivated, ill-advised, and poorly done Afghanistan withdrawal has harmed the safety of Americans,” Carafano stated. “Even more sadly, Joe Biden has refused to prolong the arbitrary August 31 deadline he marked as a withdrawal date for United States forces. In doing so, the president has condemned Americans, and Afghan allies who aided our forces in the country, to torture and death.”

“The president’s choice is not acceptable,” he said. “He must fully and immediately commit to evacuating all Americans and lawful residents stranded in Afghanistan. The Biden White House must also ensure qualified special immigrant visa holders are allowed safe passage out of the nation. American forces must stay in Afghanistan until those objectives are met. The president’s actions have created the biggest possible hostage crisis in American history. However, he can still stop this disaster by staying true to his citizens. It only takes the political will which he has so far lacked. If he does not, he will be signaling to America’s enemies that it is now open season on Americans in other countries.”

This comes at a time when Biden is also coming under pressure about his open border policy. His choice to allow in hundreds of thousands of illegals has led to a record-breaking inflow of people who are then bussed to unknown places in America.

Author: Scott Dowdy