Biden Is About To Get Everything He Deserves From Republicans

The top GOP members on the House Armed Services, Intel. and Foreign Affairs Committees said in a letter to President Biden this Wednesday they will investigate his pull out from the nation of Afghanistan, and his White House should protect all records on the topic.

Intel. Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (from CA); Armed Services Committee Member Mike Rogers (from AL); and Michael McCaul (from TX) sent a message to Biden this Wednesday that stated:

“As elected representatives, our first duty is to guard the American people. So we were stunned to see White House Media Secretary Jen Psaki report that no Americans are currently stranded inside Afghanistan.”

“We ask you to acknowledge that there are thousands of Americans stuck in Afghanistan, and to do everything in your power to find and extract these United States citizens. Our country has no higher priority at this time in history.”

They added that after withdrawal efforts are done, House Republicans intend to “vigorously review your administration’s withdrawal from the nation of Afghanistan.”

“That investigation will be made of a joint review by our top three Committees of the diplomatic, intel. and military factors that led up to the current disaster,” they said.

They requested that the Dept. of Defense, Dept. of State, and the Director of National Intelligence, along with the Intel. Community “take immediate actions to protect all records connected to your White House’s withdrawal of United States personnel, including diplomatic staff and troops, as well as those of our Afghan allies.”

Biden announced this April that he would remove all American troops from Afghanistan on August 31, but keep a diplomatic presence in the nation.

However, as the drawdown reached its deadline, a Taliban offensive gained momentum, leading to the downfall of the Afghan government and a total takeover by the Taliban in only 11 days. Before the takeover, admin. officials had insisted a collapse was “not inevitable.”

The quick takeover caused Biden to order 6,000 troops to move to Kabul to fly out the remaining U.S. government employees, Afghans who worked with the U.S. government, and other Afghans who needed to escape the Taliban or move to the U.S. However, this takeover left thousands of Americans stranded behind Taliban lines.

Author: Blake Ambrose