China Threatens War If Biden Shows Americans This Document

Back in May, President Joe Biden gave the intel. community 90 days to give a report on the possible origins of SARS-CoV-2, and the president promised to reveal the findings with the American people, no matter how bad they were.

Well, the 90-day window is almost up, and it looks like the intel. community has made good on this promise. The first details of their report have been leaked and given to the Washington Post, which reported this Wednesday that the final conclusion is “inconclusive”.

This means the admin. could not find enough evidence to support either leading theories: That covid-19 went from an animal to a human, or that it leaked from the Wuhan lab. While the notion that coronavirus leaked from a lab was a hyper-sensitive topic, it’s now openly reportedly as the leading scenario in the eyes of the intel. community (though they are not publicly admitting this).

WaPo says the intel. community will try to de-classify the report soon, meaning it will likely take over the news cycle soon this week or next.

Joe Biden asked America’s spy agencies to research the issue after getting a report back in May from the intel. agencies saying that they had “formed around two possible scenarios” but had not come to a conclusion. Some scientists also published an open letter previously this year declaring that the lab leak was the most likely scenario.

Judging from statements made by leaders of the intel. community, it almost seems like they do not want to have the truth.

During an interview in June, Avril Haines, the Director of National Intelligence said that the mystery of COVID’s origins may never be solved. “We are hoping to get a smoking gun…. but it is challenging to do that…it could happen, but it may not.”

China has done everything it can to disrupt international inquiries into the source of the virus. After sabotaging the initial WHO investigation, the country advised it would treat the next group of scientists no differently.

This Wednesday, with the Biden White House report set to be made public in just a matter of days, a senior Chinese bureaucrat has warned during a media conference that China would “retaliate” if the report points to a lab leak.

“We will cooperate with international groups such as the WHO in their search for the origins,” said Fu Cong, who is the director-general of the Foreign Ministry’s Arms Control Dept.. “But we do not accept unfounded accusations which are politically motivated. And if they wish to baselessly accuse us, they should be prepared to accept a counterattack from China.”

It was not clear just how Beijing wanted to retaliate: some speculated it might do so by sending even deadlier covid-19 variants, or by closing down shipping ports.

Author: Steven Sinclaire