Fauci Demands An End To American Freedom As We Know It

After the FDA completely approved the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine, Anthony Fauci promptly issued a decree through his permanent CNN propaganda outlet that it is now time for more vaccine mandates.

Fauci said that “There was a poll that revealed around 30% of people who are not anti-vax, they were waiting for what they felt was the final approval, which we just received today with the Pfizer vaccine.”

He said, “And those 30% are reporting that when that occurs, they will feel comfortable about getting the vaccine. So right away, you are talking about 30%. I hope they come through as the survey says they reported.”

Fauci continued “They are going to give a lot of support and incentive for many institutions and groups and work places to mandate, and that might be colleges, the military, organizations that employ many people, some of the large corporations will say if you would like to work for us, you have got to be there and get your vaccine.”

Fauci then dismissed the idea of freedom as an after thought, saying “I respect American’s freedom, but when you are talking about a public health disaster that we have been going through for over a year, the time has come. We have just got to get Americans vaccinated. Enough is enough.”

“If we keep lingering and we don’t get these people vaccinated that should get vaccinated, this thing could continue on, leading to another variant which might complicate things.” Fauci said.


Also, Fauci said that if most Americans do get vaccinated, COVID-19 will likely be under control by the “spring of next year”!

The fact is, most Americans are already vaccinated… but that seems not to be what the authoritarian regime in power really wants.

Fauci’s comments come after President Biden called for more private companies to enforce mandates. It also comes at a time when many people are catching covid-19 even after being fully vaccinated. Democrats are also beginning to discuss the need for routine booster shots in order to prevent further infections. Something that has even started to frighten liberals.

Author: Steven Sinclaire