Avalanche Of Anger Builds — Biden Is Done For

What the Dems have sowed, so they shall reap.

Impeachment used to be a strong and extreme position mentioned only in connection with “high crimes.” It was spoken of very rarely in politics. Resignation calls were more common in times of national angst and shame.

But Democrats wanted to weaponize impeachment, with Trump being forced onto trial in the Senate for a phone call. It was the most unneeded action by a party in the history of this country, as Democrats tried to overturn the 2016 election.

So when we hear GOP members now calling for Biden’s impeachment and departure from office, Democrats can only blame themselves.

Fox News:

“A long list of Republican politicians are asking for President Biden to come under impeachment or resign his office after the bloody attack on the Afghanistan Airport.”

“If President Donald Trump can get impeached over a phone call, then it is time to IMPEACH Joe Biden for gross negligence inside Afghanistan,” said Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson, Texas.

“Americans deserve more than this. We deserve more than someone who completely IGNORES the WORST crisis we have had in decades.”

Yes, but it is a stretch to make “gross negligence” an offense that is impeachable. If “negligence” is a high crime, most modern presidents should have gotten impeached, including Johnson, FDR and Reagan.

Still, Congressman Jackson makes a point. The disaster in Afghanistan means he deserves a bipartisan punishment and calls for fast resignation.

Other GOP members were no less insistent in their demand for impeachment.

Biden is creating the specter of a leader who is not present all the time. The slow-motion speed of the first days of America’s withdrawal, with Biden seems to be sleepwalking through is strange until you remember his advanced age.

And that brings up the idea of would replace Biden if he were to give up his office.

That we are talking about impeaching Joe Biden only eight months into his term is shocking — if you forget what the Dems did to President Trump. Then it becomes very clear.

What goes around comes around, Dems. So stop your bitching about it.

Author: Scott Dowdy