Biden Abandons All Hope – Makes a Decision That Ends It All

The horrible attacks that took place yesterday in Kabul only further highlight the incredible danger Americans face in the country. It is more evidence that terrorist cells have infiltrated Afghanistan, and that Biden failed to conduct an orderly and safe withdrawal.

America’s priority now is to ensure all Americans and Afghan allies are able to evacuate. The attack on the Kabul airport only further complicates that situation, but there are other options. Sen. Lindsey Graham recommended returning to Bagram Air Force base, to use as a safer alternative than the commercial airport.

Regardless of the method, we know that time is running out. All U.S. forces must be gone by August 31st and Biden has refused to extend that deadline (apparently obeying the Taliban). But word has reached U.S. shores that, days before the deadline, Biden is already pulling our troops.

Reports show the U.S. military may be beginning its evacuation out of Afghanistan ahead of schedule.

On Thursday, journalist Adam Housley tweeted, “I told you movement was already beginning even tho they were saying the 31st. 82nd Airborne Begins Evacuation Ahead of Schedule.”

Later in the day, however, Free Beacon executive editor Brent Scher tweeted, “U.S. Central Command says evacuation will continue…” [Source: Daily Wire]

Not sure how they will be able to continue evacuations of civilians, when the military is already fleeing. According to reports, our allies’ forces are rapidly departing as a result of the terror attack. Canada left immediately on Thursday, leaving behind Canadian civilians. Other nations, including France, Belgium, and New Zealand are pulling out ASAP. It appears that they will also leave civilians behind.

The only country that seems to have their priorities straight is the UK, who will continue “until the last moment.” Not even the United States has committed to that.

Since the fall of Afghanistan, the United States has waffled on its commitment to evacuate civilians. At one moment, the White House brags that they have conducted the “largest” evacuation operation in history. Then, in the next breath, they try to blame U.S. citizens, saying some don’t want to leave the country.

All the while, the State Department has urged civilians to stay away from the Kabul airport, the only place where they can get a flight home.

With each passing day, there will be fewer troops to provide flights for American citizens. And it is guaranteed that Kabul will be in disarray for many days to come, after the attack.

So, how are Americans supposed to safely make it to the airport before all our troops are gone?

Out of all the mistakes, bad decisions, and downright terrible moves Biden has made, agreeing to the deadline might have been the worst. He is not only abandoning Americans, but many Afghans who will be at the mercy of a cruel regime.

If only we had real leaders in charge of this situation…

Author: Sam Anderson