Pelosi’s Kabul Response Instantly Shatters Her Credibility

Despite Americans being stuck inside Afghanistan and military members dying in attacks made against the Kabul airport, House Speaker Pelosi and other House Dems have decided now is the good time to close up shop, leaving President Biden with the Afghanistan disaster.

Fox News reports that Pelosi and the Democrats stayed in town only long enough to work on domestic agendas and then packed up and left. With the Senate also out of session, Biden and his team are the only Democrats there to deal with the disaster.

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy went for Pelosi and the Dems over their apparent lack of worry as to what is happening to Americans overseas:

“Pelosi was near the Capitol late working on the liberal spending agenda,” McCarthy said, but “not one moment of this time was spent on helping Americans get home from Afghanistan.”

McCarthy said: “What do you believe those Americans were doing late into the night, attempting to find a way to that airport?… Not one moment or one dollar was used this time in Congress. Five trillion, not debated, none of this money will go to help any American get back home.”

As reported earlier on Thursday, the death toll of the United States military is going up swiftly. Twelve service-members were killed in Kabul, including 11 Marines and one Navy medic. Attacks were expected to continue, resulting in more deaths among the people stuck at the Kabul airport. Sadly, Fox News reported that video reveals the death toll might be higher than we know now.

Also, it’s increasingly seeming like Americans will get left behind. Reports seem to show that about 1,500 U.S. citizens were still there in Afghanistan trying to find a way to get home, and have just had contact with about 500 of them.

None of this seemed to move Pelosi or the Democrats who did not bother to look at any Afghanistan-connected legislation before ending their two-day session for this week. Just a Dem-backed election bill and a huge $3.5 trillion spending plan.

The amount of care that Democrats truly have for Americans stuck inside Afghanistan is next to none. The White House even had to remove Biden’s microphone as he joked about the whole situation on Wednesday.

Author: Steven Sinclaire