Trump Rips Biden To Shreds After Americans Die At His Command

Twelve United States service members and at least 60 Afghans died in the terrorist attacks close to the Kabul airport this Thursday. Former President Trump said that the loss of military members “should never have been allowed to happen.”

Trump put out a comment on the suicide attacks close to Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan that also wounded 15 United States service members and 143 Afghan citizens.

“Melania and I wish our deepest condolences to the families of our brave Military Members whose duty to America meant so much to them,” Trump said. “Our thoughts are also with the innocent civilians and their families.”

“This tragedy should never have happened, which makes our grief even harder to understand,” the former president said. “May God Bless America”

Earlier Thursday, shortly before these attacks in Afghanistan, Trump went on “The Hugh Hewitt Show.”

Trump said the Biden White House made “some stupid and horrible decisions” in the last week during the United States withdrawal, the worst being “letting our military go before civilians and before we got our equipment out.”

“And nobody can even understand that much equipment. Thousands of vehicles,” he said.

“I believe it’s the most embarrassing thing for our military and our nation,” Trump said of Joe Biden’s withdrawal. “And for some reason, it does not make sense, he got the military out first.”

Trump went over how he would have gotten out of Afghanistan.

“I would have removed all Americans first,” Trump said. “I would have then gotten all the people that helped us out, if they were good people. Some are not good.”

Trump also said he would not have removed U.S. troops out of Bagram Air Base before the withdrawal was done. President Biden had United States forces leave Bagram Air Base on July 2.

Trump stressed that the second step would be to take out all military equipment.

“I want every screw and bolt gone,” he said of the equipment in Afghanistan. “I then would have, except for Bagram, which I would have kept, I would have bombed every base, because I don’t want to give these bases to China, Russia or even the Taliban. I would have bombed them all.”

Author: Blake Ambrose