Afghan Resettlement In The U.S. Takes A Terrifying Turn

According to a news report by John Binder from Breitbart, 100 Afghans who were evacuated from the country and are trying to come to the United States are reportedly on the Defense Dept. terrorism watch lists.

This comes during a time when the Biden White House is trying to import thousands of Afghan citizens into America during the next few weeks. Defense Dept. officials issued warnings about the possibility for fraud.

According to one official who works inside the screening and vetting process that is occurring in “third safe nations” for Afghans seeking to come to the United States, “up to 100 of them were “flagged” as possible matches to intel. agency watch lists.”

Another official said that in “many cases” the Afghan citizens were “cleared by additional screening” for being brought into the US.

Defense One said:

“The Defense Dept.’s Automated Biometric ID System has caught up to 100 Afghans as possible matches to intel. agency watch lists, another official said.”

One official reported to Defense One that most of the Afghans “flagged” as possible matches to individuals are on terrorism lists. They are now being vetted and screened at the Al Udeid Air Base within Doha, Qatar. The official did say that he “cannot rule out” such red flags not happening at other bases.

The Biden admin. insists that Afghans are being filtered through high-level screening procedures outside the United States. However, Binder sees that there are refugees who “are getting here every day who have not yet went through their processing.”

Binder added some areas where Afghans are being sent to:

“Afghans who are still in the application process are being moved to Texas, Virginia, Wisconsin, and New Jersey.”

The ruling class does not care about the interests of American citizens and is more than happy with conducting extreme social experiments like migration. Republicans not only must oppose these refugee resettlements but also push for an immigration moratorium.

The United States must have a frank discussion about immigration. The post 1965-consensus is not sustainable and can present us with huge national security risks if the country leaves the immigration floodgates open to hostile enemies.

Author: Steven Sinclaire