Biden Continues To Flee From Reporters – Finally Confesses Why

For a long time, Americans had to wonder if Biden was really the president. But ever since the fall of Afghanistan, we know he isn’t.

Sure, he may be making decisions—decisions that are harming the world—but he’s not the leader we need. Biden ignored intelligence from his own military officials to create the disaster that is Afghanistan. His botched withdrawal led to a humanitarian crisis—and a devastating terror attack.

In less than a day, U.S. military will be removed entirely from the country. Yet word remains that Americans and Afghan allies will be left behind. Worse than that, the vacuum left from our absence will attract more terrorists to the Taliban-run nation.

All the while, Biden has failed to show true leadership and resolve. On top of that, Americans must still wonder if he is fully in charge at the White House. Just take a look at what happened recently.

President Joe Biden refused to answer questions on Sunday about the crisis in Afghanistan that was caused by decisions that were made under his leadership.

“Biden was at FEMA to address the response to Hurricane Ida, which strengthened to a Category 4 before making landfall in Louisiana earlier Sunday,” Fox News reported…

“I’m not supposed to take any questions, but go ahead,” Biden said at the end of his remarks.

“Mr. President, on Afghanistan–” Bloomberg News reporter Jennifer Jacobs began.

“I’m not going to answer Afghanistan now,” Biden fired back.

“–can you say if there’s still an acute risk at the airport, sir?” Jacobs finished.

Biden then turned his back on Jacobs and stopped taking questions from reporters. [Source: Daily Wire]

Once again, Biden said he was “not supposed” to take questions. This remark, and similar ones, he’s said in the past, sparking concerns that Biden is taking orders from someone else. Since when does a president say he’s “not supposed” to interact with the media? Unless, of course, this “president” does the bidding of handlers who run most of what goes on in the White House?

The moment the reporter says the word “Afghanistan,” Biden turns his back on her. Mind you, this wasn’t a Fox News reporter trying to trap Biden in one of their tricky questions, but someone from left-leading Bloomberg.

For Biden to turn his back on a liberal reporter? The man must really fear being forced to answer for his terrible decisions.

Even the liberal media has struggled to protect Joe Biden in the aftermath of Afghanistan. Reporters that once covered for him are now calling him out over his terrible decisions. And his continued stubbornness, arrogance, and lack of authority only makes him look worse.

But problems continue to brew in Afghanistan. Come August 31, there will be no more U.S. military on the ground. What about those left behind? And what will happen to a nation clearly infiltrated by terrorists?

These are legitimate questions that Biden refuses to answer.

Author: Peter Smith