Biden Reveals His Feeble-Mindedness On The Global Stage

This previous week was quite likely the worst of President Joe Biden’s time in office. However seriously one might have understood that he is not doing too well mentally, you really must wonder after these last couple of days. With one example of how much Joe Biden is a mess is this clip of him seeming to be asleep, dozing off possibly, or at least very much not paying attention while meeting for the first time ever with the new Prime Minister of Israel, Naftali Bennett.

Tammy Bruce stressed that the prime minister did notice, given that he looks at President Biden as he is speaking, and then points his look somewhere else. It would make sense if the official he was talking to was not fully conscious or not paying attention.

One Twitter use points to another clip revealing a few seconds afterwards, saying that he “does not look so sleepy” because he “promptly responds.” Except that when President Biden talks, it seems as if he has been dozing off and sounds exactly as though he had to jolt himself back awake.

Israel is one of our allies. It is terrible to insult any ally like this. Could you imagine if Joe Biden seemed to be so out of it as he met with a country like China or Russia? And what about Iran or North Korea? I don’t want to think about that.

Meanwhile, when former President Donald Trump had a meeting with Israeli’s Prime Minister at the time, Benjamin Netanyahu, it was along with Arab states. If Trump had done this even once it would have been unthinkable, in that he created peace deals and better relations for Israel and many of the nation’s neighbors.

Now it seems that President Biden is going in another direction. One of blatant insults and embarrassing moments like this. His disaster in Afghanistan is very likely only the tip of the iceberg given that we are only seven months into his presidency. What more does he have in store for the region? We can only hope he will resign in the months to come, but something tells me we won’t be so lucky.

Author: Steven Sinclaire