After Biden’s Failure in Afghanistan — Pelosi Looks To Impeach Biden

It’s the August 31st deadline, and the United States is officially out of Afghanistan. This is no call for celebration, however. After twenty years establishing democracy and stability in the country, Joe Biden allowed the same murderous regime we went to defeat take over.

Biden’s unplanned, botched withdrawal gave the Taliban billions of dollars of military equipment. And, despite his promises, Joe Biden left behind hundreds of Americans. Reports are already coming in that they and our Afghan allies are in serious danger.

There is no getting around it, Joe Biden failed miserably. This is one of the biggest black marks on a presidency we have ever seen. And all the while, Biden has refused to acknowledge his failures or own up to the American people.

Now, a group of lawmakers wants action.

A group of lawmakers wrote a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Monday evening calling on her to immediately begin impeachment proceedings against Democrat President Joe Biden after hundreds of American citizens were abandoned in Afghanistan following Biden’s disastrous pullout from the country…

“We have no confidence in President Joseph R. Biden’s ability to carry out his duties as Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Armed Forces…

“President Biden refuses to take responsibility for his actions and continues to mishandle the deteriorating situation at every step…

“President Biden has proven definitively, and repeatedly, since this crisis began that he is not capable of effectively executing his duties as our Commander-in-Chief and leader of the free world.” [Source: Daily Wire]

A group of Republican House members petitioned Pelosi to begin impeachment proceedings against Joe Biden, saying they have no confidence that the man can continue in this office.

It may sound far-fetched, but hey, these House impeached Donald Trump for no reason, twice. Yes, those were pathetic, partisan impeachments, but now we have “president” so out of his depth that he abandoned a foreign nation to terrorist rule. That’s got to be worth some kind of investigation.

This call for impeachment comes after numerous lawmakers and pundits demanded Biden resign. Both Donald Trump and Mike Pence criticized the administration for its botched handling of Afghanistan. Lawmakers have increased discussions over Joe Biden’s mental state. Trump demanded Biden “resign in disgrace.”

We can probably assume that Nancy Pelosi will take this letter as seriously as she takes the rest of her job—meaning she will ignore it. The bitter, partisan woman is so blinded by her hatred for Republicans that she will never cooperate or even listen to them. With rumors swirling that she’s ducking out by 2022, her only priority is pushing a radical, leftist agenda that will blow up once she’s gone.

But make no mistake, Joe Biden will be held accountable for his many failures (including those to come). If not by Congress, then by the American people. The 2022 midterms are just around the corner. And millions of Americans will be eager to let Biden know just what they think of him. And come 2024… well, let’s just say Biden is going to regret every poor decision he’s made.

That is, if he’s still coherent enough to know what the hell’s going on.

Author: Sam Anderson