Democrats Want This Coronavirus Study Censored Fast

In a new shocking report from Science Magazine, an Israeli research study has found that the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine gives less protection against coronavirus than does having gotten infected and recovered.

The study, which confirms what many inside conservative news have been speaking about for the better part of the previous year, says that “the natural immune safeguard that you get after a Covid-19 infection gives much more protection against the Delta variant of the coronavirus than does two doses of the Pfizer vaccine.”


“The study shows the power of our immune system, but disease experts say this vaccine and others for coronavirus do still remain very protective against severe cases of the disease. And they caution that getting infected on purpose for unvaccinated people would be a very risky move. “What we don’t want to see people do is say: ‘I should go and get myself infected, I should hold an infection party.’” says Michel Nussenzweig, who is an immunologist and researches the human immune system’s response to covid-19. “Because someone could die.”

Researchers also say that getting a one shot vaccination after getting over a coronavirus infection might increase your immunity, however, your based immunity is already better than the vaccine itself, according to this new study. This is not new data as it was also published by the University of Minnesota months ago.

Other studies have been touted by some media outlets, which have not altered the CDC recommendations. Another study has discovered that survivors with one dose have an immunity twice of completely vaccinated people. The study also warns against staying unvaccinated or trying to intentionally get yourself infected.

This new data goes against the recommendations of the CDC, which recommend vaccines for everyone, including people who have had covid-19, and it does not change the legal mandates which require vaccines for all people, regardless of whether or not they have had a COVID-19 infection.

But then again, would you truly expect the U.S. government to follow science?

Author: Blake Ambrose