Democrats Sign Death Warrants For Thousands Of Americans

Almost two dozen House GOP members gathered this Tuesday to ask for a vote on a law to keep American troops in Afghanistan until all Americans are evacuated.

“In the about five-minute pro forma session, Democratic Congresswoman Debbie Dingell (Mich.), who was leading the session, led a small moment of silence to honor the brave 13 service members who died in the terror attack in Afghanistan last week,” The Hill said this Tuesday.

“Dingell then adjourned the House session without any more action, prompting outcry from the GOP members on hand who did not get a chance to be seen to speak on the floor for the bill from Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher (Wis.) to prolong the Afghanistan withdrawal.”

Wisconsin Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher gave a comment concerning the law.

“Last week, House conservatives united behind my bill to guarantee no American citizen would get stranded inside Afghanistan. The Dems declined to even look at this legislation, and under a week later, our fears were proven true: hundreds of American citizens and thousands of allies were left behind. This is not an accomplished mission, this is a total disgrace,” Gallagher said.

“Speaker Nancy Pelosi must immediately reconvene Congress so we can keep this administration accountable and save people’s lives. I will be introducing new legislation tomorrow that helps this happen and urge every one of my fellow colleagues to support this.”

“American citizens are stranded and now under the goodwill of the Taliban. Shame on all of us if we do nothing and sit back on the sidelines,” Gallagher added.

“What is our plan to get these Americans out?” House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said via Twitter on Tuesday after the session.

McCarthy was not the only one calling to bring Americans home safely from Afghanistan.

“Turn these planes around. We have Americans behind enemy lines who want to come back home,” Utah GOP Rep. Chris Stewart said.

This Monday, White House media secretary Jen Psaki said around 6,000 Americans were evacuated from Afghanistan.

She said “we think there are still a small amount” in the country.

123,000 people were gotten out of Afghanistan, The Washington Post has reported. Under 8 percent of the people evacuated were American citizens, according to General Kenneth McKenzie, commander of United States Central Command.

As many as 50,000 Afghans are scheduled to get housing in American military bases.

Author: Blake Ambrose